Lead designer

AKA The Comic Relief

Emily is the lead floral designer at Petals to Platinum and has almost 20 years of experience as a florist. She and Lindsey met when Lindsey was in highschool and they were both working in a floral department. Emily always knew Lindsey would open a shop of her own someday, and they are thrilled to be working together all these years later. Emily enjoys art projects, gardening, sewing costumes for her two kids, and spending time with her neighbors. 

Fun fact: Emily taught Lindsey how to create her first bouquet!


Studio manager & design assistant

AKA The Studio “Mom”

Alex is the studio manager and design assistant for Petals to Platinum. She takes a meticulous approach to tracking inventory, preparing rental orders, and creating arrangements. She and our styling team meet with our rental clients, helping them curate the perfect combination of hardgoods and linens. Alex loves going to the farmer’s market, cooking, baking, volleyball, and is a health nut. She’s known for keeping everything organized, her ability to remember all the details, and her knack for making the flakiest croissants.

Fun fact: Alex is a former Petals to Platinum bride turned employee!